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Figure of Language
Waltércio Caldas

The project consists of an environment with the features of a great auditorium, made up of:

1. 250 chairs

2. 250 glass boards with the insertion of the word figure.

3. Two nylon screens, fixed through a metal structure (or wood), one of them inscribed with the word figure.

4. Sound-track especially composed for the event and amplification equipment for the surrounding sound.

5. Special illumination

1. The chairs: Usual, individual chairs will be used, in dark wood. The chairs shall be lined up and fixed in the floor by screws, so they don’t move during the event. Between one and another chair must always have a distance of 2 meters, in front and to the sides.

2. The glass boards: They must be located ahead of each chair, at a distance of approximately 70 centimeters of the person supposedly seated head.

Metallic staples and transparent nylon wires will fix them in the ceiling. Each board will have an inscription in red adhesive vinyl with the word figure. The glass boards, with the dimensions of 30 cm x 90 cm, and thickness of 4 mm, must have all edges polished.

3. The nylon screens: They must be installed in the front part of the room, where normally stages are situated. The screens will cover totally the windows that illuminate the environment. A plotted painting in one of them will present the word figure printed inverted. In front, at a distance of some centimeters, a diffusing filter with the same dimensions of the previous screen will defocus the word printed. The light that comes from outside and illuminates the environment will pass through both the screens.

4. The sound track: Basic element of the project, the sound track has as function modifying the environment scale, extending its physical dimension. In the audience it will be installed the speakers need to have a full covering acoustics of the space. The sound track will remain in operation during the whole period of the event. The sound equipment and its features will have to obey the specifications of a specialized professional.

5. The illumination: The place will be prepared in such form that it is only illuminated through the natural light from the windows ahead the chairs. Walls will be constructed blinding the natural light from all the windows that are not those located in front of the audience. For night visits, special lights located behind the nylon screens, will be installed, producing during the night the same natural light effect of the windows. Small service lights, of low density, complement the lighting design.