concept urban situations scale interventions research arte/cidade - zona leste Sesc Belenzinho

ana tavares
antoni muntadas
ary perez
avery preesman
carmela gross
carlos fajardo

cassio vasconcellos
hannes foster

hermann pitz
marco giannotti*
nelson félix
regina silveira
waltércio caldas

Former Moinho Santista fabric plant, constructed from 1934 in a 32,000 m2 terrain, with 55.000m2 of build area. It has two main towers, situated in the extremities of the terrain. Large sheds occupy practically all the remaining area. Here the Sesc – Serviço Social do Comercio, is installing a new unit. The urban location is strategic: in one hand, it is placed in the Belenzinho quarter, one of the region last areas where the traditional urban pattern is relatively preserved, as well the residential and commercial occupation, originally formed around the old industries and service units. On the other hand, Sesc-Belenzinho meets with Av. Salim Farah Maluf, one of the new bottom valley avenues, basis of the region metropolitan reorganization, and one of the new axles where enclaves of residential condominiums and large commercial surfaces have been installed.

*a intervention de marco giannotti foi feita na Igreja Nsa. Sra do Belém