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How to Intervene in Large Scale?


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How to intervene in megacities? Which are the conditions imposed by the inform and generic character of these new spatialities for any intervention project? It is now impossible to operate only with historical references, specific sites and particular forms of social occupation. Interventions will happen in situations without neither clear contours nor limits, where there is not distinction between interior and exterior, local and global. Necessarily dealing with the complexity of the urbanistic processes in course, the constructions porous character, the traffic intersections, and the landscape indistinction. Inform configurations that don’t allow interventions to be carried through as sculptural objects placed in the space.

In which measure the territorial extension can determine the interventions strategies and aesthetics procedures? How can they be articulated? Which mapping will appear from these interventions? How this can determine the interventions apprehension and the reading of the area? The interventions will be spread over an area without any continuity and articulation: it is impossible to aim at a full apprehension of the whole region.

The proposed frame within the region already indicates a position taking: the urban area dimensions to be worked exclude, by definition, all strategy that only implies a local approach to the situations. Any intervention, if taken separately, would be lost in the extreme complexity of this urban system. Also the selected places do not allow, because of its tensions and deconfiguration, conventional aesthetic approaches of sculptoric character. The relations that the interventions can establish _ with the built, the immediate urban environment and the region, inserted in urbanistic processes of metropolitan and global character _ are in the core of Arte/Cidade .

It is not the case, therefore, of a site-specific project. The urban situations are understood as points in a vaster and complex configuration, a mode to trace new territories. The particular aspects _ local space organization, history, forms of occupation _ are elements of a larger and dynamic configuration, that gives to all the situations their essentially generic and indistinct character, established in its tensions and rearticulations. It is this dynamics, crossing a devastated land, where multiple reconfigurations can appear, that Arte/Cidade tries to arise.

In the horizon of Arte/Cidade lays the possibility of repositioning these vacant lands, sites cut by viaducts, abandoned railroad patios and slums occupation or informal commerce areas, in vaster and more complex territories. An strategy based not on space and historical continuity, on the social and architectural homogeneity, but on the indetermination and dynamics, the instability of urban configurations in a continuous process of rearticulation.




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