Simão Mathias Collection

Know-how and its many notions: experiments, experiences and experimentations
Ana M. Alfonso-Goldfarb & Maria Helena Roxo Beltran, editors
São Paulo: Livraria da Física, Educ, 2006 ISBN: 85-283-0353-5

By analyzing variable notions and reflections merely hinted at in most documents, this books presents readers some pathways for the approach to the complex transformations and relationships between the older experiment and the modern experimentation. Presentation and analysis of the results of recent research in the history of science will certainly call the attention of teachers, students and researchers on the natural and exact sciences, in addition to scholars and the overall audience with particular interest in the history of science.


Writing history of science: historiographical trends, proposal and discussions
Ana M. Alfonso-Goldfarb & Maria Helena Roxo Beltran, editors
São Paulo: Livraria da Física, Educ, 2004 ISBN: 85-88-325-43-8/85-283-0310-1

Addressed to scholars and the overall audience in the history of science, this book presents the readers a selection of studies focusing on the historiography of the history of science.
Although history of science is increasingly calling the attention of teachers, students and researchers on the natural, exact and human sciences, still a small number of books have been published on this subject in Brazil.


Laboratory, workshop and atelier: the art of making artificial products
Ana M. Alfonso-Goldfarb & Maria Helena Roxo Beltran, editors
São Paulo: Educ, 2002
ISBN: 85-283-0231-8

Analysis of settings such as the laboratory, the workshop and the atelier and the activities performed in them in different periods of time and societies, this books discloses several features of the “art of making artificial things”, which reflects variable and complex relationships between practices and the notions on the cosmos, matter and life.
This book invites the readers to enter those places and explore the manifold features of the long and variable path that led from undifferentiated knowledge to thorough specialization in modern times.



Simão Mathias 100 years: chemistry and history of chemistry in the 21st century
Ana M. Alfonso-Goldfarb, Márcia H. M. Ferraz, Maria Helena Roxo Beltran & Andrea P. dos Santos, organizadoras
São Paulo: SBQ/PUC-SP, 2010
ISBN: 978-85-60453-15-3

The various institutions in which Simão Mathias had active participation or that bear his influence congregated to celebrate his 100th anniversary in 2008. Thus, the Brazilian Chemical Society (SBQ) and CESIMA held joint sessions in his honour during the 31st Annual Meeting of SBQ.  To contribute to the celebration, this book includes a series of studies, as well as statements by Simão Mathias colleagues, which represent a priceless source for the history of chemistry in Brazil.

Simão Mathias Centennial: documents, methods and the identity of history of science
Ana Maria Alfonso-Goldfarb, José Luiz Goldfarb, Márcia H. M. Ferraz & Silvia Waisse, editors
São Paulo: PUC-SP, 2009
ISBN: 978-85-60453-15-3

In August 2008, Simão Mathias, the patron of CESIMA, would have celebrated his 100th anniversary. To remember that date, CESIMA held an international workshop and an also international symposium devoted to a subject particularly dear to Simão Mathias, to wit, documents, methods and the identity of history of science. This book presents a selection of the papers presented at both events, and provides an accurate picture of the topics more relevant for historians of science in the present time.

Circumscribere: International Journal for the History of Science
ISSN: 1980-7651
Launched in 2006, Circumscribere is an open-access peer-reviewed journal published twice per year without costs for authors. It is included in databases Isis Current Bibliography, Intute and Latindex. Contributions are published in English, Portuguese, Spanish and/or French.


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