Photo: Cicero Inacio da Silva

100 years of animation: On Zachary Lieberman's installation "Drawn"
Wednesday Feb 07, 11:30am
Communication Department - UCSD

In 1960, the precursor of animation James Blackton introduced his Lightning Sketches manipulating the camera with the technique of stop-action, drawing with chalk frame by frame each detail of the story. After a hundred years, the New York artist Zachary Lieberman redeems the hand trace of drawings by creating a machine which animation is freed of the sensation of automatism and repetition. This installation called Drawn is the subject of this talk recalling the camera's automatism and some of its subverters such as George Méliès, Orson Welles, and William Kentridge.
Jane de Almeida

short bio
Jane de Almeida, Professor at Mackenzie University and at the Catholic University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, is currently a Visiting Scholar at UCSD's department of Communication. She is also an independent curator of film exhibitions (such as Metacinemas, Dziga Vertov Group, Hypercine) and visual arts exhibitions such as Ordering and Vertigo, discussing the works of the Brazilian artist Arthur Bispo do Rosario, about whom she has been writing articles and lecturing. She was recently (2005) a Visiting Fellow in the Department of History of Art at Harvard University and a Visiting Scholar in the Philosophy Department at Boston College (1999-2000). She is member of the scientific board of FILE (International Festival of Electronic Language).