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Study at PUC-SP

International Students can study at PUC-SP, for 1 or 2 semesters, as

- Exchange Students

- Special-Students


Exchange Students admission is based on an Exchange Agreement between PUC-SP and a foreign University. At the moment, PUC-SP has agreements with some institutions (please check the list at the bottom of this page).


If the candidate already holds a University degree or if s/he is enrolled in an undergraduate program at a University that doesn't have an Exchange Program with PUC-SP, then s/he can apply as a special-student.


In both cases, international students' admission at PUC-SP requires special approval from the Coordinator of the Program chosen by the candidate.

Applications should be sent to ARII until the beggining of May (for August-December semester) or until the beggining of October (for February-June semester).

Required Documents
- Application form (portuguese or english version);
- Letter from the Home University approving the student's enrolment at PUC-SP as an exchange student or a special-student;
- Motivation Letter in Portuguese, written by the candidate, mentioning the subjects s/he wishes to take at PUC-SP;
- Enrollment Letter from the Home University;
- Official Transcript;
- Passport photocopy;
- Student's CV;
- Certificate of Portuguese language knowledge.

Choice of Courses
Interviews are not required during the admission process. However, a meeting with the Coordinator of the chosen Program may be arranged in order to obtain assistance in choosing the subjects at PUC-SP. We suggest visiting PUC-SP website (in Portuguese) in order to access the list of subjects offered by our university.

Certificate of Studies
At the end of each semester the student will receive a certificate stating the subjects s/he took, attendance and grades obtained. Possibility of equivalence of credits/subjects should be checked at the Home University.

Tuition Fees
Exchange students have their tuition fees waived at PUC-SP. Special-students' fees vary according to the amount of credits the student takes.

Student Visa
International students must hold a valid and appropriate Visa in order to enroll at PUC-SP. After the the application is approved, our office will issue a document which must be presented to the Brazilian Consulate in order to request and obtain the Student Visa.


Students from American Universities can also study at PUC-SP via our agreement with the Council on International Educational Exchange, if their Home Institutions are affiliated to the program. Please visit www.ciee.org for more information.


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