11/8/2011 – TUESDAY


Auditorium 100

Communications session [1]Pragmatism, ethics and society

Session Chair:
João Antônio
de Moraes

8:30am - 10:30am

BROENS, Mariana C.; PILAN, Fernando C. - UNESP - Marília - Brazil
The Notion of Knowledge According to Dewey's Pragmatism

HENNING, Leoni M. P. - Universidade Estadual de Londrina – Brazil
The Presence and Reception of Rousseau in Dewey's "Democracy and Education"

HOGAN Brendan - New York University - USA
The Challenges of Pragmatic Social Inquiry

MARCHETTI, Sarin – University College Dublin – Irlanda
Ethics as Anthropology: Pragmatic Encounters in Kant and James

MURARO, Darcísio Natal - UEL - Universidade Estadual de Londrina / PR - Brazil
Experience, Democracy, Freedom and Education. Paulo Freire Reader of J. Dewey

11:00am - 1:00pm

SILVA, Antonio Wardison – PUC-SP - Brazil
Elements Pointing Towards the Limits of Karl Otto Apel's Discursive Ethics

SINCLAIR, Robert - Brooklyn College - City University of New York - USA
Dewey, Naturalism and Moral Inquiry

STEINER, Pierre - FNRS/Université Catholique de Louvain, Institut Supérieur de Philosophie, Belgium
Dewey and ContemporaryCcognitive Science

WOODS, David W. - Southern Connecticut State University - USA
A Pragmatist Philosophy of the City: Dewey, Mead, and Contemporary Best Practices

Auditorium 239

Communications session [2]Epistemology

Session Chair:
Cassiano Terra

8:30am - 10:30am

ABDO, Néder R. - Faculdade de Medicina de Catanduva - Brazil
On the Concept of Consciousness in Sartre and Some Considerations on Peirce's Phenomenology

AMARAL, Lucas A. D. - PUC-SP - Brazil
The 1768 Opuscule: On the Ultimate Ground of the Differentiation of Directions in Space and its Contribution to the Space Theme in Kant's "Transcendental Aesthetic"

CAMPOS, Daniel - Brooklyn College, CUNY, USA
Peirce's Heuristic Conception of Mathematics as Creative Experimental Inquiry

HERDY, Raquel – UFRJ - Brazil
Peirce's Logical Sentimentalism

MOTTA, Carlos J. - PUC-SP - Brazil
Self and Personal Identity. Similarities, Parallels and Differences Between Peirce and Hume

11:00am - 1:00pm

RAZZO, Francisco de A. - PUC-SP – Brazil
Consciousness and Experience in William James' Radical Empiricism

SILVA, Fabrina M. - PUC-SP - Brazil
Epistemological Status of Concept of Scientific Ideology Second G. Canguilhem

VIALE, Claudio M. - Universidad Nacional de Córdoba - Argentina
The Limits of Concepts. William James' View

ZUNINO, Pablo E. A. - USP/FAPESP - Brazil
Method and Truth in William James. The Radical Empiricism

 11/9/2011 – WEDNESDAY


Auditorium 100

Communications session [3]

Session Chair:
Gonçalves de

8:30am - 10:30am

CARDOSO, Tarcísio e GURICK, Amaral - PUC-SP - Brazil
Some Notes on the Importance of the Development of Existential Graphs for the Definition of Sign as a Triadic Relation

CUNHA, Ivan F. da - UFSC - Brazil
Some Considerations on the Concept of Logic in Dewey's Theory of Inquiry and in Carnap's Works on Induction

DIAS, Diogo Henrique B. - PUC-SP - Brazil
Paraconsistent Logic from a Philosophical Point of View

GOLZIO, Ana Claudia de J. - UNESP - Marília - Brazil
A Propositional Logic for the Term "Few" Presented in a Tableaux System

11:00am - 1:00pm

MORAES, Lafayette de; ALVES, Carlos R. T. - PUC-SP; PUC-SP - Brazil
Jaskowski's solution for the Liar Paradox

OLIVEIRA, Kleidson Ê. C. da S.; GRÁCIO, Maria Cláudia C.; FEITOSA, Hércules de A. – UNESP – Marília; UNESP – Marília; UNESP - Bauru - Brazil
On Quantifiers for "Many" and "Few"

PILAN, Fernando C.; MORAES, João Antonio de - UNESP - Marília - Brazil
The Philosophical Relevance of Contingency. The Approach of John Dewey's Pragmatism to Non-classical Logics Developments

RODRIGUES, Angela P.; FEITOSA, Hércules de A. – Brazil
'Almost Always' Propositional Logic

Auditorium 239

Communications session [4]Semeiotics

Session Chair:
Ramon S.C. de

8:30am - 10:30am

BAGGIO, Eduardo T. - PUC-SP – Brazil
The Modes of Representation of Documentary Film and Peircean Realism

BORGES, Priscila M. – PUC-SP - Brazil
The Sinsigns Within the 66 Classes of Signs

CORBUCCI, Fabiola – FFLCH-USP - Brazil
The Representation of Nature Between the Ideas of Sublime and Apocalypse. Semiotic-psychoanalytic Reflections from Burke, Freud, and Peirce

JUNGK, Isabel - PUC-SP - Brazil
The Relevance of the Sign Structure of Words for Thought

LOUCEIRO, Luís M. M. A. - PUC-SP - Brazil
A Peircean Analysis of Alexander Pope's Essay on Criticism (1711)

11:00am - 1:00pm

MORONI, Juliana; RODRIGUES, Mariana V.; GONZALEZ, Maria Eunice Q. - UNESP – Marília – SP - Brazil
Information and Action. Approximations Between the Perspectives of Gibson and Peirce.

OLIVEIRA, Adriana G. de – UFJF - Brazil
Photography and Internal Construction of Images

SALATIEL, José Renato - Centro de Estudos do Pragmatismo – PUC-SP – Brazil
Peirce on Analyticity

WANNER, Maria Celeste de A.; ORNELLAS, Valter - UFBA - Brazil
Who is David? Thinking About Michaelangelo's Sculpture "David" and M. A. Rojas's Photographic Series Within Peirce's Theory

 11/10/2011- THURSDAY


Auditorium 100

Communications session [5]Pragmatism - interfaces

Session Chair:
Maria Celeste de
A. Wanner

8:30am - 10:30am

AIUB, Monica – PUC-SP
Clinical Philosophy and Pragmatism: initial approaches

ANDRADE, Ramon S. C. de; D'OTTAVIANO, Itala M. L. - UNICAMP - Brazil
Habit and Affordance

BAIARDI, Daniel C. - UFBA - Brazil
Intentionality, Fitness and Evolution in William James's Pragmatism

BONCOMPAGNI, Anna - University of Roma Ter - Italy
"The Mother-tongue of Thought". James and Wittgenstein on Common Sense

BUENO, José Geraldo Romanello - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie; Universidade Adventista do Estado de São Paulo – Brazil
The Theories of Emotions According to William James

11:00am - 1:00pm

MADEIRA, Marcelo S. – PUC-SP - Brazil
Charles Sanders Peirce's Pragmatism in View of the Illustrations of the Logic of Science

MORAES, João Antonio de; PEREIRA, Paulo Henrique A. O.; PANTALEÃO, Nathália C. A. – UNESP – Marília – Brazil
Perception and Action. Approximations of Pragmatist and Ecological Perspectives

OLIVEIRA, Guilherme S. de - USP – Brazil
Descriptions of Events. Opacity of Intentions in Davidson and Predicative Sentences in Anscombe

RYDENFELT, Henrik - University of Helsinki - Finland
Two Consequences of the Pragmatist Approach to Truth

Auditorium 239

Communications session [6]Metaphysics and Philosophy of Language

Session Chair:
Clayton Foschiani

8:30am - 10:30am

BAVARESCO, Agemir; STOVALL, Preston – PUC-RS - Brasil; University of Pittsburgh - USA
The Semantic Pragmatism - Model, Strategies and History. The Philosophical Project of Robert Brandom

BOECHA, Tatiane T. - UFSCar-SP/CAPES - Brazil
"Understanding" as a Mode of Action. Knowledge of Rules and Pre-Understanding

CARDOSO Jr, Hélio Rebello; FERRAZ, Thien Spinelli – Unesp – Brazil
Philosophical problem of relations according to Peirce – alliances towards an ontology of relations regarding two aspects of Synechism

COSTA JR, Daniel F. – UFRJ - Brazil

Searle Versus Dreyfus. 1st Moment of Discussion on the Theory of Intentionality

NIEMEYER, Jobst - PUC-SP - Brazil
The Absolute Pantocrator

11:00am - 1:00pm

PESSOA, Kátia B. C.; MILIDONI, Carmen B. – UNESP – Marília - Brazil
Affordances, Anticipation and Abdution

PIRES, Marcelo da S. A. – UFBA/CAPES – Brazil
Comments on the Notion of Truth in Pragmatism of W. James

RODRIGUES, Luciane; VERGINASSI, Michelle T. - UNESP - Marília - Brazil
Aspects of Peirce's Concept of Logic. Abduction, Synechism and Fallibilism

STEINLE, William – Centro Universitário Assunção – UNIFAI, São Paulo – SP - Brazil
Quasi-Truth and Ontic Structural Realism





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