Call for papers
(Communications sessions)

New deadline for papers submission




Deadline for sending abstracts.


List of accepted papers for the communications sessions

On the composition of abstracts

1. All submissions for the communications sessions must be by means of detailed abstracts with a minimum of 400 words and a maximum of 600 words. The selection of communications will be made from these abstracts only. Besides contextualizing the subject-matter, the texts must contain information about: (1) Clearly stated objectives; 2. Main subject; 3. Clear and well defined argumentation.

2. Languages: Given the international nature of the meeting, the abstracts of all foreign participants must be submitted in English.

3. Responsibility for the content of information: The content of the information contained in the papers and abstracts is the entire responsibility of their respective authors; however, the organizing committee reserves itself the right to make minor grammar or typing reviews and to alter the format of the information to be published.


To be properly identified, the file should contain the following information:
CAPITALIZED LAST NAME OF AUTHOR (as used in scientific quotations), followed by an underline ( _ ), and the information <abstract> or <article>, whichever is the case.

For instance: for the name John Peter Michael, the identification of the abstract file will be: <MICHAEL_abstract>; for the file containing the full text, it will be <MICHAEL_article>.
Please submit the file to the e-mail address:

Papers selecti

1. The selection of papers is the responsibility of the Scientific Committee of the 13th IMP.

2. Besides the detailed abstract (as specified above), the Committee will consider the subject-matter theoretical pertinence to pragmatism and related doctrines, as well as its importance as a subject-matter of precise philosophical purport.

Time for presentation during the 13th. IMP

1. The time for the presentation of each Communication is 30 minutes; 20 minutes for the presentation of the work and 10 minutes for the debate.

2. The presentations should be spoken either in Portuguese or in English.

3. There will be no simultaneous translation for the 13th IMP. For that matter, all authors are required to present their papers also in written English language. The written text will be projected in screen simultaneously to the author's speech (the Organizing Commission will be responsible for the equipment). In order to make it happen, we kindly ask each author to prepare a digital file - a Power-Point or PDF type or similar - with an English version of the original text (or an abstract of it), giving it to the coordinator of the session before its beginning.


1. Publication of abstracts: all selected abstracts will be published in the Abstract Volume for the 13th IMP (ISSN 1983-9537), in English and in Portuguese.

2. Authors interested in publishing complete texts in our journals, Cognitio: Revista de Filosofia (ISSN 1518-7187) and COGNITIO-ESTUDOS: Revista Eletrônica de Filosofia (ISSN 1809-8428), must prepare their papers according to each journal's editorial Project and guidelines, sending the files to their respective editorial committees.



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