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039 - Inovação de Ruptura, A Experiência da Visa Vale no Segmento de Vale-Refeições
Lídia Valéria de Souza Lima ;Maria Cristina Sanches Amorim
040 - Inside the Tertius Gaudens: The Case of Asml - Irene Lammers ; Ard-Pieter de Man ; Mariann Jelinek
041 - Internationalisation Strategy of Chinese Companies in Europe
Ying Zhang ; Sergey Filippov
042 - Managing Information Overload: Organizational Perspective
Sergey Filippov; Ksenia Iastrebova
043 - Model of Unexpected Credit Risk of Supply Chain Based on Catastrophe Theory
Zou Huixia, Song Jiao
044 - New Policy for Reduction of Ghg Emission in Developing Countries;Feasibility Study on Application of Biofuels and their Environmental Performance
Reza Rahimi; Navid Mollaee
045 - On Enterprise Product Innovation Assessment and Best Practices
He Shan;Hu Danshu;Li Qiubin
046 - Orchestrating an Unbundled Business Process Network: an Assessment Tool Mehrad Moeini Jazani, Ali Tamaddoni Jahromi, Issar Akbari, Peter Naude

047 - Research on Models and Motion Mechanism of Industrial Transfer of Processing Trade In Mid-Center China: A Case Study Of Hubei Province
Ling Dan, Qiao Weili

048 - Research on The Risk Decision-Making Mode of Entrepreneurial Team
Xie Kefan, Wu Qian, Zhao Shi

050 - Simbiose Industrial no Polo Industrial de Manaus: Uma Proposta Para o Alcance da Sustentabilidade Ambiental
Roderick Cabral Castello Branco; Antonio Vico Mañas
051 - Social Innovation and Sustainability: Case Studies in The Use of Electric Power in Underprivileged Communities In Brazilian Northeast
Fernanda Gabriela Feldman Borger; Belmiro N. João; Icaro A. Cunha
052- Study on Measurement of Educational Evaluation in Advanced Project Management Subject
Naoki Ohshima
053 - Study on Regional Logistics Capacity Based on Principal Component Analysis
Feng Hua, Feng Zhongchao
054 - Sustainability-Oriented Portfolio Management
Marcos Paixão Garcez; Flavio Hourneaux Junior
055 - Sustainable Innovation in Brazilian’s Universities: The University of Campinas (Unicamp) Case
Barbosa, Rafael Kellermann; Reydon, Bastiaan P.
056 - Technological Learning In Clean Development Mechanism Projects and The Role of Absorptive Capacity
Asel Doranova, Ionara Costa, Geert Duysters
057 - The Control System of Road Freight Cost Logistics in Network Environment
He Qiong, Ming Jun, Zhang Peilin
059 - The Five Elements Model of Entrepreneurial Team Structure
Chen Yun, Xie Kefan, Zhao Shi, Gao Weiyi
060 - The Impact of Cae Advancement on Product Development Process
Yoshihiro Matsuura, Ken Kaminishi , Yoshiyuki Matsuura
061 - The Importance of the Innovation and the Intellectual Capital for the Productivity of the Organization
Giuliano Piccioni Silvestre de Méroe
062 - The Influence of Openness to Innovation Performance: Empirical Analysis Based on Industry Classification
Li, Wang Jifei, Ci Jinfeng
063 - The Paper of the Technology and Innovation for the Proposal of Prosperity Without Growth
Postal, Andreia M.
064 - The Procedures Design of Hazards
Management and Control for Air Traffic Management

Luo Fan, Xiao Wenjuan, Zhou Fenghua, Chen Gaoming
065 - The Role of Universities on the Innovation Process of Industry as a Knowledge Source - I.Figen Gulenc;Ozlem Araci
066 - The Spiral-Up Innovation of Petrochemical Complex in Group Operation
Concerning the Case of Ring (Research Association of Refinery Integration for Group-Operation) in Japan
- Kazuya Inaba

068 - Uma Análise Métrica das Principais Tipologias de Inovação. O Caso da Operadora de Telecomunicações de São Paulo - Fabio Lucio Prado ; Antonio Vico Mañas
069 - Da Propriedade Intelectual à Economia do Conhecimento - Ladislau Dowbor

070 - A Falácia do Desenvolvimento Sustentável - Koiti Egoshi

071 - Gestão do Conhecimento e Inovação:
Reflexões Sobre o Lugar do Conhecimento na Educação
- Mônica Cairrão Rodrigues;Claudio Luiz Marte;Mônica Mancini;Alessandro Marco Rosini

072 - Women in Management: A Comparative Research Between Experiences in Brazil and China - Erika Zoeller Véras
073 - Financial Innovation in Switzerland: Innovative Strategies in Ticino’s Banks - Roberto Napoli 074 - Determinant for Adopting an Innovation : Small and Medium-Size Retailers in a Doughnut Phenomenon - Youichi Ozaki, Yoshiyuki Matuura
076 - Innovation and University-Industry Cooperation in Brazil – A Portrait from Pintec 2005 - Flavia Carvalho
077 - Research on Sustainable Development of Economy Ecological Area Embrace Poyang Lake Based on Conference and Exhibition - Xiong Guojing
078- Criando Cenários com a China Industrial: Um estudo sobre as Transformações no Desenvolvimento Sustentável -Adriano Batista Alves Leonardo Nelmi Trevisan  
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