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The 2020 Climate Leadership Campaign is designed to empower you to take action, to join with others similarly concerned, and to create models of climate leadership around the world which can show the way to reducing our carbon emissions by 80% by 2020, which is essential to stop global warming.

At the heart of 2020 Climate Leadership Campaign and the purpose of the of the Brazil 2020 Campaign is resolving the contradiction between what our governments are negotiating and what our scientists are asserting about the accelerating pace of global warming.

The urgency of global warming mandates that each and every one of us become climate leaders. For the first time in our lives, indeed for the first time in history, all of us must take responsibility for our climate, whether at the individual, community, company, institution, state, or national level. We are all responsible for global warming. We must all share in the leadership required to solve it, for nothing less than the fate of human civilization is at stake. The crisis is that stark, the choice is that clear, the leadership required is that urgent. If we rise to this challenge, if we take climate leadership, we will generate climate prosperity because it is precisely our capacity to solve our greatest crisis that affords us our greatest opportunities for growth within the context of sustainability and alignment with natural systems.

Our 2020 Climate Leadership Campaign has a number of components. All these themes are integral to our 2020 Climate Leadership Campaign and constitute what we consider to be essential aspects of leadership on the issue of climate change. The themes, detailed below, include:

1. “2050 by 2020” Call to Action
2. Planning for 2020
3. Developing on line collaboration
4. Brazil 2020 Campaign
5. Timeline for first

Brazil Taking the Lead

While virtually all the countries in the world either dither or vaguely commit themselves to reducing carbon emissions by 80% by 2050, the one country that seems poised to exert the leadership required is Brazil. Brazil already produces over 50% of all its energy from renewable sources, as opposed to 12% for the EU and 10% for the U.S. Its’ largest electric utility, Central Electric of Minas Gerais (CEMIG) generates 92% of its electricity from clean sources and was determined by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index as the best energy company in the world in 2007. Brazil’s use of ethanol for cars is the highest in the world. Globo TV, the largest media company in Brazil and the fourth largest in the world, has committed itself to dealing seriously with global warming and is developing a sustained public education campaign on climate change. This marks the first major corporation anywhere in the world to do so, certainly the first media company. This kind of leadership is important because Brazil is not a small obscure country with little impact. It is one of the largest countries in the world, it is richly endowed with natural resources, its demographics are very similar to that of the world population, it is at peace with all its neighbors, its banks and its economy, though effected by the downturn in the global economy, are relatively stable and strong, and it contains the Amazon.
This is not to say that Brazil is already there. The government has shown little leadership on the issue of global warming and has tolerated, if not encouraged extensive clear cutting of the Amazon. There is also systemic exploitation of the general environment. But huge portions of Brazilian society are waking up and leaders in the Brazilian political, business and civil society sectors understand the urgency, are willing to take leadership, and are mobilizing around the ten year plan to green the Brazilian economy. All these reasons make Brazil an ideal nation to take the kind of leadership the world needs at this critical hour.
It is in recognition of the important role Brazil can potentially play in the global effort to stop climate change that State of the World Forum will launch its global 2020 campaign in Brazil August 4-7 in the city of Belo Horizonte, the capital of the state of Minas Gerais. The Forum of Climate Change of Minas Gerais pioneered the cooperation between business, academia, government and civil society on the issue of of global warming in Brazil.
Participating in the Forum will be international specialists from around the world who will join a growing coalition of public, private, and civil society groups committed to developing Brazilian leadership in the area of climate change and sustainability and to mobilize a Brazilian and global public education campaign around the imperative to green the world economy within ten years. The results of the August conference will be further expanded at the State of the World Forum in Washington D.C. February 28 - March 3, 2010 as a growing coalition of groups begin to coalesce around 2020 as the time within which decisive action must be taken on global warming and come together to build an integral plan to achieve the goal of a sustainable economy and sustainable life styles.Brazil will also host a State of the World Forum on Climate Leadership August 30 - September 3, 2010 in Rio de Janeiro.

Brazil’s leadership could not be coming at a more critical juncture in human history. The time has come to discern deeply the implications of the approaching global catastrophe and take decisive action to align our lives and our communities with natural systems. All of us will suffer significantly for what humanity has already done, but if we act decisively and immediately, we may be able to successfully navigate through the turbulence that is coming and emerge out the other side having learned the most important lesson of our collective history, that we are of the earth, not simply on it, and only by living harmoniously with nature will we long survive. For additional information on activities in Brazil, please contact Emilia Queiroga Barros, the Director of State of the World Forum/Brazil at equeiroga@worldforum.org.

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