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Geert Duysters, professorial fellow at UNU-MERIT:
Geert Duysters (1966) is a professorial fellow at UNU-MERIT and a professor of Organization Science at the Eindhoven University of Technology. He obtained a masters' degree in economics from the Universiteit Maastricht. In 1995 he obtained a PhD in Economics and Business Administration at the same University. After working at the University of Maastricht and the TU Eindhoven as subsequently, researcher, assistant professor, associate professor and full professor he is currently employed as a Professorial fellow at UNU-MERIT. UNU-MERIT was formally established on 1 January 2006 following the integration of the former United Nations University Institute for New Technologies (INTECH) and the Maastricht Economic Research Institute on Innovation and Technology. …See more

Ladislau Dowbor:
Economist (Regional Development Planning); Full professor at the Catholic University of São Paulo (l982-present) and at the Methodist University of São Paulo, Board Chair of Futures Research Group at São Paulo Catholic University - NEF (Núcleo de Estudos do Futuro PUC-SP).] Undergraduate degree in Economics of the University of Lausanne (Switzerland) in l968. Masters (1973) and Doctorate (1976) at the Central School of Planning and Statistics of Warsaw. Advanced Program in National Planning at the Central School of Planning and Statistics, first award. Main area: development economics and development planning. …See more

Paul Werbos:
Dr. Paul Werbos has core responsibility for the Adaptive and Intelligent Systems (AIS) Area within the Power, Control and Adaptive Networks (PCAN) Program of ECCS, and for the new area of Quantum, Molecular and High-Performance Modeling and Simulation for Devices and Systems (QMHP). He is the ECCS representative for Collaborative Research in Computational NeuroScience and for the Engineering working group in Adaptive Systems Technology. He initiated and has led the EFRI-2008 topic in Cognitive Optimization and Prediction. He has special interest in efforts to exploit higher levels of true computational intelligence in these areas, and in efforts which can seriously increase the probability that we achieve global sustainability.…See more

Jerome C. Glenn:
Jerome C. Glenn co-founded and directs the Millennium Project, a leading global participatory think tank supported by international organizations, governments, corporations, and NGOs, which produces the internationally recognized State of the Future annual reports for the past 12 years. Jerry Glenn invented the "Futures Wheel", a futures assessment technique; Futuristic Curriculum Development, and concepts such as conscious-technology, transinstitutions, tele-nations, management by understanding, feminine brain drain, just-in-time knowledge, information warfare, feelysis, nodes as a management concept for interconnecting global and local views and actions, and definitions of environmental security, collective Intelligence, and scenarios . He has consulted for governments, corporations, UN organizations, and NGOs on both futures concepts and methods. …See more

Saturday Review named him among the most unusually gifted leaders of America for his pioneering work in Tropical Medicine, Future-Oriented Education, and Participatory Decision Making Systems in 1974. He was instrumental in naming the first Space Shuttle the Enterprise and banning the first space weapon (FOBS) in SALT II. He has published over 100 future-oriented articles, spoken to over 300 organizations, written several books (Future Mind, Linking the Future, and co-author of Space Trek), and editor of Futures Research Methodology Version 3.0

Hazel Henderson:
Hazel has became one of the most respected specialists in sustainable development of the planet. The author of eight books translated into a dozen languages, consults to organizations in more than 30 countries, publishes articles in 250 newspapers and magazines and teaches at the University of California, besides having worked for the United Nations. Hazel Henderson came to the U.S. from Bristol, England. Living in New York and concerned about health and quality of life issues, she became an activist and a founder of Citizens for Clean Air. She educated herself in economics and wrote articles and eventually books that established her reputation as a speaker and thoughtful but outspoken authority in the areas of sustainability, economics, and quality of life indicators. ...See more

She has served as a Regents Lecturer at the University of California and held the Horace Albright Chair in Conservation at University of California (Berkeley). Hazel serves on many boards, advised the U.S. Office of Technology Assessment and the National Science Foundation (1974-1980), and is a Fellow of the World Business Academy. She co-created with the Calvert Group, the Calvert-Henderson Quality of Life Indicators (www.calvert-henderson.com). She is producing a TV series, ?Ethical Markets,? airing on many public broadcasting stations in March. She received honorary doctorates from Soka University in Tokyo, San Francisco University, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute for work in alternative economics and technology. See: http://www.hazelhenderson.com/

Marcos Arruda:
Social Economist and Educator founder and chairman of PACS (www.pacs.org.br), researcher fellow of the Amsterdam-based Transnational Institute, member of RILESS, the Latin American Network of Researchers on a Solidarity-based Socioeconomy , co-founder of IBASE in Brazil, visiting professor at the Institute of Development Studies of the University of Geneva and the Center for Latin American Studies, Watson Institute of International Relations, Brown University. ...See more

Zhouying JIN
Professor Zhouying Jin is a senior researcher and professor of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences(CASS); Director of Center for Technology Innovation and Strategy Studies (CTISS) of CASS. Since the past ten years, she bending herself to research on “soft technology” and founded the Beijing Academy of Soft Technology . In 2009, she founded the Beijing Center for The Future. She is Chairman and founder of The Future 500(China). The Future 500 is aiming to Improving sustainability and harmonizing economic profits with social and environmental benefits in enterprises dimensions (triple bottom line)....See more

In the recent fifteen years she led more than 20 important projects within 15 projects has asked by central government, ministry, Chinese academy of social sciences, or international organizations, e.g. in 1996-2000, She had been in charge of the Strategy Research for the Nation’s S863 Plan; in 2001-2005, she organized a cross-discipline team to led the project of ”Long-term strategy integration and sustainable development” asked by CASS; National strategy for Petroleum and Natural Gas; Evaluation of Nation’s High-Tech Research & Development Plan, Assessment for The Breakthrough Project; Service innovation and NGO organizations in China; Strategic Management and institutional innovation on Coal bed Methane industry; Green Car Development Guideline and Environmental policy in China; Environmental strategy for transnational Auto companies, etc See: www.soft-technology.org ; www.future500china.org

David Harries PhD, PEng He is a member of the Board of Directors of Canadian Pugwash, the Global Initiatives Project, and ProteusCanada, Executive Associate Director of Foresight Canada, the Chair of the Canadian Node of the Millennium Project . Educated as a nuclear engineer, he has worked in the public and private sectors as a military officer, as a consultant in personal and corporate security, and as a senior advisor and professor in heavy engineering, humanitarian aid, post-conflict/post-disaster response and recovery, executive development and university education. ...See more

Futurists, trends researcher, BA Language, Linguistics and Literature (Universidade of São Paulo, Brasil), Master of Sciences in Futures Studies (University of Houston, Clear Lake, USA), specialist in sustainability (Schumacher College, UK), global management (More College, Atlanta, USA), Creative Leadership (Center for Creative Leadership, San Diego, USA), co-chair of the Brazilian node of the Millennium Project and Vice-President of the Futures Research Group at São Paulo Catholic University - NEF (Núcleo de Estudos do Futuro PUC-SP). Editor of the trends newsletter Radar 21. ...See more

Rodrigo Costa Da Rocha Loures: Since October 2003, he has presided over the FIEP System – the federation of industries of the state of Paraná. He is also vice-president of the CNI - the national federation of industries; president of the COPIN – the permanent thematic council for industrial policies and technological development of CNI and vice-president of PROTEC - the Brazilian society promoting technological innovation. He is a member of the CDES – the federal council for economic and social development and the CCT – the federal council for science and technology; of Director Council of National Founds for Scientific and Technological Development - FNDCT, of SESI-SENAI’s National Council; and of the National Forum of Industries. He represents the CNI in the Deliberative Council of the ABDI – the Brazilian agency for industrial development and he is a consultant advisor to ANPROTEC – the national association of entities promoting innovative undertakings. He is also a member SEBRAE-PR’s Deliberative Council; of MTC – the managing committee for the Green-and-Yellow Fund; of the FBDS – the Brazilian foundation for sustainable development; of the WBA – World Business Academy of the IONS – Institute of Noetic Sciences; and of the ETHOS Institute for Social Responsibility. …See more

Hu Shuhua: Dr. Hu Shuhua, is a Professor and Doctoral Tutor at the School of Management and the School of Art and Design, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, China. He is also the Director of the Center for Product Innovation Management, and, Head of the Doctorate Station of Technical Economy and Management. His research areas cover Industry Innovation Management, Product Innovation Management, and Regional Innovation Management. Dr. Hu Shuhua has published 5 independent works, 175 papers. He has successfully completed 8 National-level, 13 City and Provincial-level, and, more than 10 Enterprise projects.…See more



Professor Ken Kaminishi: Is Dean of the Graduate School of Innovation &
Technology Management, Yamaguchi University. He received his Ph.D. degree
of Mechanical Engineering from Kyushu University, Japan, and both his M.S.
and B.Sc. from Yamaguchi University, Japan. Before becoming the dean and
professor of the Graduate School of Innovation & Technology Management,
Yamaguchi University, he was working at the Faculty of Engineering, Yamaguchi University as subsequently, researcher, assistant professor, associate professor and full professor. He is the president of Japan MOT Council whose members are all graduate schools of MOT in Japan. The council's ultimate aim is to improve the MOT education level of Japan...See more

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