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Proceedings of presentation papers
the 5th International Conference on Innovation & Management
December 10-11, 2008

01. - Cluster, Competitiveness, Attractiveness, Innovativeness – How Do They Fit Together? - Marta Goetz 02. - Knowledge Heterogeneity, Alliance Formation and the
Evolution of Clusters
- Tamas Sebestyen
03. - The Competitiveness Poles as a Source of Organisational Learning: Case Study of an Innovative Walloon Project in the Life Science - Gribomont Stéphanie and Vandenborne Emilie 04. - Global Clusters Policy: Towards the Selection of Dominant Designs? - Julie Hermans, Annick Castiaux, Marcus Dejardin and Stephane Lucas
05. - Techno-innovation to Techno-entrepreneurship through Technology Business Incubation in India: An Exploratory Study - Hemantkumar P. Bulsara, Shailesh Gandhi and P.D. Porey

06. - Innovations in Pakistani Universities, R & D Centres and Corporate Research Institutes - Hassan Shakeel and Nawar Khan

07. - Social Innovation and Business Trends in the Future - Syaiful-Rizal Hamid 08. - Motivations to Patent: Empirical Evidence from an International Survey - Gaétan de Rassenfosse, Dominique Guellec and Bruno van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie
09. - Economic Incongruities Induced by a Fragmented Patent System in Europe - Bruno van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie and Malwina Mejer

10. - Patents Only Live Twice: A Patent Survival Analysis in Europe - Nicolas van Zeebroeck

11. - Patents and Downstream Innovation Suppression – Facts or Fiction? - A Critique of the Use of Historical Sources in Support of the Thesis that Broad Patent Scope Enables the Suppression or Hindrance of Downstream Useful-Technology Development - John Howells

12. - Managing Innovation for Sustainable Development: Measuring Issue - Anna Svirina

13. - Consciousness in Life and Markets for Home Network - A preliminary Study toward Rapid Dissemination of Energy Saving “Embedded” Product - Yoshiyuki Matsuura, Kazuhiro Fukuyo and Mikio Asakawa 14. - Dynamics of Technological Innovation Systems: Empirical Evidence for Functional Patterns - Simona O. Negro and Marko P. Hekkert
15. - Green Initiatives as a Key Solution to Turn a Supply Chain into a Value Chain: An Empirical Study of a Small Enterprise in China - Jody Ngongo Ngoy 16. - A Preliminary Framework for Studying University Hospitals in Regional Innovation Systems: Activity Perspective - Sanna Kaisa Seppänen
17. - Proposing Bipartite Network Analysis for the Evaluation of Regional Innovation Systems-/-Regions, Actors, and Content - Stefan Hennemann and Ingo Liefner 18. - Innovation Systems in the Federal Districts of Russia: Moscow and St.-Petersburg Regions - Kuroedova Margarita and Khvatova Tatiana
19. - Innovation in Creative SME’s in Flanders: A Case Study Based Analysis - Ysabel Nauwelaerts, Frederik Van Assche, Ilke Van Beveren 20. - Policy Challenges in Defining and Utilising Cluster Metrics - Tamas Gyulai
21. - Global Value Chains: Some Examples and Resulting Issues - Meine Pieter van Dijk 22. - A Novel Approach for Low-Income Markets through ISR and ISE Model - Indrajit Sahoo, R Preethy
23. - Innovation and Niche Marketing in Organic Textile: Opportunities for Pakistan - Muhammad Abrar, Tian Zhilong, Deng Xinming 24. - Indian Consumer Ethnocentric Tendencies and the Innovative Marketing Challenges of Foreign Brands - An Empirical Study - Bernadette D’Silva, Stephen D’Silva, Sapna Modi, Hemantkumar Bulsara
25. - Comparing the Innovative Potential of Leading Food Processing Companies in Shanghai and the Netherlands - Frances T.J.M. Fortuin, S.W.F. Omta 26. - The Networked Enterprise in Innovation Networks and the Roles of Intellectual Property Rights - Blandine Laperche
27. - Simulating the Implementation of Business Information Systems: The Case of Enterprise Resource Planning - Lise Arena 28. - Managing Innovative Virtual Project Teams in an Innovative Way: Developing and Sustaining Strategic Momentum - Raymond Opdenakker, Carin Cuypers
29. - Comparison of ISO GMITS and Probabilistic Risk Assessment in Information Security - Naoki Satoh, Hiromitsu Kumamoto 30. - Effect of Performance Management System on Knowledge Innovation Process - Zhang Changzheng, Tian Hao
31. - Motives underlying Foreign Direct Investments: A Primer - Chiara Franco, Francesco Rentocchini, Giuseppe Vittucci Marzetti 32. - Subsidiaries Will Diffuse Knowledge within MNEs, or Not? - Mei H.C. Ho
33. - The Ecology of Technology - Ad van den Oord, Arjen van Witteloostuijn, Geert Duysters, Victor Gilsing 34. - The Origins of Radical Inventions - Wilfred Schoenmakers, Geert Duysters, Wim Vanhaverbeke
35. - Providing Incentives for Private Investment in Municipal Broadband Networks: Evidence from The Netherlands - Bert Sadowski, Alberto Nucciarelli, Marc de Rooij 36. - Transitional Governance in External Technology Sourcing Trajectories: Complementing the Real Option Perspective - Dries Faems
37. - Benefits and Risk of Strategic Collaboration: The Differential Role of a Firm’s Network in the Creation of Core and Non-core Technologies - Wim Vanhaverbeke, Victor Gilsing, Bonnie Beerkens, Geert Duysters 38. - Organizational Innovation and Its Facilitators - Paul Breman, Marco Oteman, Michael Makowski, Benny de Waal, Iris Hollaender, Eva Hijmans, Astrid Bolland
39. - The Mechanisms of Learning and the Survival of New Ventures - Deng Yingyu 40. - With a Little Help from Our Colleagues: A Longitudinal Study of Social Networks for Innovation - Bob Kijkuit, Jan van den Ende
41. - Multiple Levels in the Organization of Innovation: Project Organisation in Single-firm Projects and Multi-firm Projects - Ferdinand Jaspers, Jan van den Ende, Michel van der Borgh 42. - Conforming Benchmarking to Project Management - Reza Rahimi, Sepideh Tavassoli, Navid Mollaee
43. - Nurturing Innovation Capabilities within the IT Function: Implications for Human Resources Management, Training and Education - Valerie Flynn 44. - Introducing Innovation to Undergraduates through the Engineering Team Project (ETP) Course - Rahmat I Shazi, Shaharin A. Sulaiman, How Meng Git
45. - Developing Intrapreneurship as a Career Perspective for Senior Professionals: Towards an Innovative HRM and Career Management Approach - Gert van Brussel, Jan M. Ulijn 46. - The Interplay between Sectoral and National Innovation Systems as a Challenge to Human Resource Management: The Case of Software in Telecommunications R&D in Brazil - Rodrigo Lima Verde Leal, Claudio de Almeida Loural
47. - Fuel Cell Technological Innovation System in Iran -
Naser Bagheri Moghaddam, Morteza Zamanian, Mahdi Sahafzadeh, Mohammadsadegh Emamian
48. - Business Model of Mobile Informatisation in China - Bi Lingyan, Qi Ming, Huang Linsi
49. - Service Innovation in Digital Contents Industry: A Case of Korean Online Games - Youngho Nam 50. - Discussion on an Innovative Broadcasting Type Government Affairs Opening System Based on Tel-Radio and E-Government - Liu Ge, Xu Liang
51. - The Study of the Innovative Design Method TRIZ on 3G Products - Liu Ge, Liu Xin 52. - All Shook up: An Exploratory Study of Innovation Routes for UK Railway Rolling Stock - Katherine Lovell, Roderick A Smith
53. - Management of R&D within a Dynamic Standardisation Environment - Keith Dickson, Fang Fang 54. - Key Decisions Affecting the Success of Commercialising Technology Innovations: Insights and Food for Thought from the Software Industry - Thorsten Kliewe, Philipp Marquardt
55. - Changing Landscape of Innovation Systems in India: Collaboration and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Technology - Manish Anand 56. - Knowledge as a Source of Innovation and Value Creation in Distributive Trades Sector - Blazenka Knezevic
57. - Introduction of Symmetric Innovation System - Tiejun J. Xia, Glenn A. Wellbrock, Ron Jennings 58. - Modelling and Diagnosis of Innovation Process in R&D Centres Case Study: Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) in Iran - Aylar Pourmohammad, Mohammad Farhadi, Narges Joda
59. - Innovation Success and Firm Size: An Empirical Study in the Chemistry Industry in Turkey - Ozlem Araci, I. Figen Gulenc 60. - The Research on 4PL Optimal Pricing Strategy Based on the Reverse Logistics Integration - Liu Fan
61. - Women in Management: A Challenge for the 21st Century in Brazil and China - Erika Zoeller Veras 62. - Precarious Employment: Pay-rolling Agencies – Outsourcing of Employers’ Responsibilities to the Employment Agencies - Abdullah Zafar Sheikh
63. - The Effectiveness of Selected Human Resources Management Practices on Organisational Performance and Objectives (A Case Study of the Libyan Iron and Steel Company) - Elhusein H.Elasfer, Azhdar Karami 64. - Using Friedman Test for Creating Comparable Group Results of Nonparametric Innovation Competence Data - Pasi Porkka, Jari Jussila, Anu Suominen
65. - Analysis of Influencing Factors of Decision-making Behavior on Entrepreneurial Team and Decision Techniques Selection - Ma Ying, Xie Kefan, Nie Meizhen 66. - Study of Customer Segmentation for Auto Services Companies Based on RFM Model - Wang Hu, Zhang Jing
67. - Perspectives to Independent Innovation in Chinese Automobile Companies - Xie Kefan, Du Jingshu, Peng Huatao 68. - The Effect of Open Market Repurchase on Company’s Value - Xu Fengju,Wang Feng
69. - Constructing China’s Total Emergency Management Model of Earthquake Disaster - Yang Qing, Ma Huimin 70. - The Role of Key Person and the Reform of Laboratory in Connecting R&D with Commercialization Concerning the Case of Tokuyama Corporation - Kazuya Inaba
71. - Firm’s Strategic Responses in Standardization - Nguyen Huu Phuc 72. - New Product Development Efficiency and Firm’s inancial Performance: Perspective of Technology Trajectories in Japanese Manufacturing - Tanyanuparb Anantana, Takao Emkawa, Sadami Suzuki
73. - A Study into the Role of a Partner Selection Process in Alliance Capability Building - Danielle Twardy-Duisters, Geert Duysters, Ard-Pieter de Man 74. - The Evolution of Technology-based Alliance Networks in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology - Victor Gilsing, Myriam Cloodt, Nadine Roijakkers
75. - Business-to-Business External Sources of Technology (BEST) and Innovation: A Dynamic Portfolio Approach - Anna Sabidussi, Harry J. Bremmers, Geert Duysters, S.W. F. Onno Omta 76. - The Evolution of Living Labs – Propositions for Improved Design and Further Research - Niklas Z. Kviselius, Håkan Ozan, Mats Edenius, Per Andersson
77. - Drivers and Obstacles for Innovation in Logistics - Marjolein Caniëls, Wietse Kooistra, Janjaap Semeijn 78. - Towards More Integration: Investigation of Iranian Pharmaceutical Logistics Providers - Ali Tamaddoni Jahromi, Mehrad Moeini Jazani
79. - Towards More Integration: Investigation of Iranian Pharmaceutical Logistics Providers - Ali Tamaddoni Jahromi, Mehrad Moeini Jazani 80. - Towards Building a Sustainable Intermodal Transport Chain in China - Yang Jiaqi
81. - Study on Whole Process Quality Control in Coal Production Based on Industry Engineering - Li Yingde 82. - Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard in Logistics Transaction - Tu Min
83. - Analysis of the Category of Researches on Marketing Force Synergy - Cheng Yanxia, Zeng Ziwei 84. - A Research on the Basic Theories of Systematic Risk Transmission in Enterprise Value Chain - Deng Mingran, Jin Daoming
85. - Co-evolution of Social Technology and Physical Technology: Chinese Hi-tech Industry - Zhou Shanshan, Zhao Yulin 86. - An Analysis of the Effects of Firm-government Network on Management Innovation - Zhong Jingjing, Gu Guoda, Han Jiangping
87. - Standard Strategy for Chinese Enterprises Based on Intellectual Property - Zhang Min, Li Mingxing, Luo Xuan 88. - Study on Characteristics and Entrance Strategy of Economical Hotel Market in China - He Shan, Wang Yaxue, Chen Lin
89. - Hyper-cycle Self-organizing Evolution of Industrial Innovation - Zhao Yulin, Wei Fang 90. - Empirical Study on Contribution of Technical Innovation to Economic Growth in Eastern China - Pan Haiying
91. - Study on the Labor Cooperation of Bohai Rim Region - Zhao Xianfeng, Feng Fengling 92. - Empirical Study on Regional Technological Innovation Capacity Difference in China - Yan Xiaofei, Du Xiufang
93. - Strategies for Management of Technology in Knowledge Economy - Xiong Guojing, Pu Ming, Bai Yuntao 94. - Dynamic Innovation of Incentives, Risk Management and Banking Performance: State-owned Commercial Banks in China - Huang Yingli, Qiao Yue, Qiu Zhaowen
95. - Theoretical Research on Regional Financial Cooperation - Feng Fengling, Hu Shuhua, Mu Shihang 96. - Study on Systematic Structure of Modern Regional Logistics Industry - Sun Shusheng
97. - Chinese Validation of the Team Climate Inventory: A Measure of Team Climate for Inovation in R&D Teams - Li Yuan, Tang Chaoying, Gao Peng 98. - Innovative Paths to Increase Wealth for Chinese Peasants - Zhao Hongzhong, Wang Qi, Wang Changxi
99. - On the Mechanism of Technological Innovation: As the Drive of Industrial Structure Upgrading - Huang Huiping, Yang Zhenhua, Zhao Yulin 100. - Product Attributes of Books and Industrial Features of Publishing - Yin Jie
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