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Part 6
Operation Innovation and IT Applications

01 -Requirement Model for Mechanical, Electrical and Software Integrated Products Using SysML
Tadashi Gotoh, Takao Eguchi , Tsuyoshi Koga, Kazuhiro Aoyama
02 -Research on Teaching Innovation under Network Conditions in Universities
Zhao Xia
03 -Costing of Liquids and Chemicals in Port Industry
Zhou Guoqiang, Ma Li
04 -Recommender Systems Based on Doubly Structural Network
Na Chang, Takao Terano
05 -Architecture of Customer Knowledge Management System Based on Online Reviews
Zhao Dan
06 -Realization of the Sales Forecast of the Enterprise Based on VS.NET and MATLAB
Hu Qing, Zou Yao, Liu Yanan
07-SME Supply Chain Collaboration Innovation Using an Online Hub: Introduction of a Case in Korea
Yongma Moon, Dongmin Shin, Sungho Lee
08 -Feasibility Analysis on ULS-based Rapid Logistics System in Wuhan City of China
Meng Fang, Jin Jiang, Sun Shusheng
09 -Agent-Based Modeling: Introduction and Perspective
Takao Terano

010 -Operations Strategy Optimization Based on Developed Sense and Respond Methodology
Liu Yang, Wu Qian, Zhao Shi, Josu Takala

011 -On Obstacle and Future of Web Publishing
Qu Shengwei
012 -Testing Mechanism and Its Practice on Library System Construction in Colleges and Universities
Yang Hanni, Hu Binggui
013 -Analysis on Development Differences of Informationization among the Four Regions of China
Deng Zelin, Feng Fengling, Zhang Wenjing
014 -Strategic Priorities on China's Informationization
Zhang Long, Feng Fengling, Wang Xuan
015 -Innovation of Service Quality Management in China Based on Service Quality Theory
Luo Jianwei

Part 7

01 -Research on the Selection of Logistics Service Integrators in Emergency Supply Chain
Su Jun, Cao Lijun, Huang Yong
02 -Axially Crushed Characteristics of Compact Impact Absorption Member
Shigeyuki Haruyama, Hiroyuki Tanaka, Dai-Heng Chen, Aidil Khaidir
03 -Study of Energy Absorption of Combined Model of Cylindrical Compression-Expansion Tube and Thin Cylindrical Tube
Takanori Kozeni, Shigeyuki Haruyama, Ken Kaminishi
04 -Empirical Analysis on Capital Allocation Efficiency of Hubei Listed Companies according to Industries
Hu Huaxia
05 -Study on the E-commerce Trust Based on Evolutionary Game Mechanism
Wei Mingxia, Zheng Shuang
06 - Income Elasticity of Calorie Intake in United States
Wang Biao
07-The Empirical Analysis on Environmental Effects Caused by China Foreign Trade
Zhao Difei, Zheng Weiteng
08 -Research on the Influence of Country-of-origin Effect to Brand Attitudes of Chinese Consumers on Luxury Goods
LWang Dan, Chen Yani, Han Jintao
09 -Customers' Needs for Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting: an Analysis of Weblog Data
Junichi Kato

010 -Local Firm's Response to Global Financial Crisis: a Case of an Apparel Factory in Lao PDR
Bounlouane Douangngeune

011 -A Case Study on Satisfaction Evaluation of College English Elective Courses under the Cognitive Theory
Peng Aimin
012 -Linear Regression Analysis of Gross Output Value of Farming, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Fishery Industries
Liu Haime, Chen Yun
013 -The Survey of Chinese College Students' Autonomous English Learning in Self-access Language Learning Center
Cao Huan
014 -Research on Job Dissatisfaction and Its Impact on Private Sector Investment in Ghana
Wei Jianguo, Samuel Kwadwo Frimpong
015 -Empirical Study of Credit Risk Measurement in Manufacturing Industry: Based on Financial and Market Information
Tang Zhenpeng, Liao Jingjing
016 -A Review on Innovative Method of Communicative Language Teaching
Chen Lei
017 - Research on the Role of Government in the Management Reform of the Large-scale Stadium
Lin Youliang, Zhu Mingjiang
018 -An Investigation into the Impact of Information Disclosure on the Stock Liquidity and Company Performance
Bian Na, Huang Hongmei, Wang Shuhua
019 -Game Analysis of Google's Information Dissemination Strategy in China
Bojan Obrenovic, Slobodan Obrenovic
020 - Class Formation of Rural Migrant Workers and Change of Management in Chinese Enterprises
Wu Qingjun
021 -Study on the M&As Strategies of the Chinese Paper Enterprises
Lai Binhui, Zhang Tao
022 - Research on Grading the Potential of Listed Port and Shipping Companies in China Stock Market
Zheng Yibin, Peng Shaofeng
023 -Evaluation on Economic Performance Efficiency of Hybrid Electric Vehicle
TRuan Xianjing, Yang Qing
024 - An Empirical Analysis on the Contribution of Foreign Direct Investment on Nigeria Economy
Oji-Okoro Izuchukwu, Huang Huiping
025 -Analysis of the Stock Market Volatility and Its Spillover Effect in China
Xu Bu
026 - An Innovative Strategy to Improve ESP Writing: the Application of Genre Analysis to Study Medical Research Articles
Peng Yuan, Wei Wande
027 -Enlightenment from the Internationalization Strategy Models of Haier Group of China
Yi Yan, Yao Guanli
028 - Research on Evaluation Index System of Waterway Construction Project Expenditure Budget Performance
Wang Sirong, Yang Liuqing
029 -The Evaluation on the Capacity of Agriculture Logistics Service in Hubei Province Based on PCA and Cluster Analysis
Liu Mingfei, Ma Jun, Li Jun
030 - Risk Pre-control on Multi-project Management for Large-Scale Construction Enterprises
An Jianmin
031 -Study on Ownership Structure and Preference for Seasoned Equity Offerings of Listed Companies in China
Yang Zhihua
032 -Comparison of Electrical Coal Pipeline Transport and Rail Transport Based on Social Costs
Zhou Hongmei, Yi Zhenglin, Huang Zhilong
033 -An Empirical Study on Factors Affecting Participation Decisions of Exhibitors
Feng Wei, Zhao Weidong
034 - Fiji's Transformation from Sugar to Tourism Industry
Navneel Shalendra Prasad, Yuan Guohua, Asa Romeo Asa
035 -Research on Competitiveness of Chinese Construction Enterprises by Factor Analysis
Zhang Suxian, Wang Jin
036 -An Empirical Study on Financial Early Warning of Chinese Petrochemical and Plastic Manufacturing Listed Companies
Xu Lixin, Shi Xueming
037 -Research on Evaluation Index System for Automobile Enterprise Brand Value
Chen Zhaohui, Li Jing
038 -An Empirical Study on the Most Effective Medium for Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Sierra Leone
Matilda Zainab Kamara, Liu Mingfei
039 -Research on Retailers' Marketing Tactics Integration Based on Customer Value Strategy
Cheng Yun
040 -Is the Small-sized Rural Household More Efficient?
Li Gucheng, Feng Zhongchao
041 -Evaluation of Disaster Perception of University Students in Wuhan City of China and Suggestions on Disaster Reduction Education
Chen Juan
042 -Research on the Relationship Between Logistics Investment and National Economic Development of China
Liu Shuang
043 -The Relationship Between Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth in Togo [1991-2009]
Assiobo Komlan Mawugnon, Fang Qiang
044 -The Application of Weighted Kernel Fisher Discriminant Analysis in Student Loans Default
Tang Qin, Zeng Jianyou, Li Xing, Zhang Hongyang
045 -Research on the Multiple Level Performance Management System Based on KPI
Cheng Huijun
046 -Microblog: Micropower to a Civil Society
Wang Hongguang
047 -Research on Strategy to Establish Competitiveness for Micro and Small Enterprises in Bolivia
Fernando Nelson Villaverde Chavez
048 -Risk Factors and Efficiency Measurement in Togolese Banking Sector: the Case of ECOBANK-Togo
Kolani Pamane, Fabrice Boko
049 -A Study on Financial Risk Analysis in Pension Funds Investment: an Implication of Exchange Rate Exposure
Abba Abubakar Shehu
050 -Research on Flexible Budget of Marketing Expenditure
Li Xiaobei, Dai Shengli
051 -Strategic Performance Appraisal Based on BSC and SEM
Wang Bing, Deng Mingran, Zhao Fuqiang
052 -Research on the Choice of Focus Strategy Based on ELC
Deng Mingran, Wang Bing, Zhao Fuqiang
053 -The Cause and Prevention of the E-commerce Credit Risk
Zhang Yuanyuan, Ma Ying
054 -SWOT Analysis and Strategy of High Level Tennis Talent Cultivation in Colleges
Xia Shanshan, Sun Jinrong, Fan Xiaodong
055 -Study on the Special Adjustment Methods for Calculating EVA
Liu Cheng
056 -Study on Effects of Ritual in Marketing
Fang Yingfeng
057 -On Effective Communication of Cross-cultural Enterprises
Lan Qing, Zheng Jia
058 -Application of MS-Project in Scientific Research Project Management
Li Yanjin
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