The Center for Pragmatism Studies opens the call for papers that will compose the communication sessions of the 11th International Meeting on Pragmatism, to be held from November 3rd to 6th, 2008, at PUC-SP, São Paulo, Brazil.

Deadline for sending abstracts: 07.07.2008

Deadline for sending full paper: 08.25.2008

General information

All papers presented at the Meeting must be original and unpublished.

All foreign participants shall send their papers in English.

Responsibility for the information: The content of the information contained in the papers and abstracts is the entire responsibility of their respective authors; however, the organizing committee reserves the right to make minor grammar or typing reviews and alter the format of the information to be published.

Electronic file composition, formating and submitting

The electronic files containing abstracts as well as the full articles should be in .DOC or .RTF extension, supported by Microsoft Word.

Abstract composition and format

All the abstracts should be written in the FORM FOR SUBMITTING ABSTRACTS, which contains the information about the format to be used.

The obligatory information requested in the form is the following:

Important Notice: The information provided in the submitted abstract cannot be modified after the acceptance for the communication is published.

Form download

Right-click here and choose "save target as" to download the *.DOC file with the form to your computer. The size of the file is 1.1 MB.

Full article composition and formatting

The scholar whose paper is accepted for the communication sessions of the 11th Meeting should send the full text up until the aforementioned date, according to the following rules.

Customize the text as follows: Times New Roman typeface size 12, normal style. Paragraph should be justified (not left-, nor right-, nor center-), no indent, no spacing before nor after, 1,5 lines per line feed.

According to the format above, the text should not be more than 6 pages in length, upper and inferior margins set to 2,5 cm, left and right margins set to 3cm, print set to portrait and paper size A4 (note that the default paper size in the US is Letter; in Brazil, the default paper size is A4 because of the metrical system in use in the country).

The information that should be in the paper is the following, in that specific sequence:

File identification and submitting

To be properly identified, the file should contain the following information:

CAPITALIZED AUTHOR'S LAST NAME (as used in scientific quotations), followed by a underline ( _ ), and the information <abstract> or <article>, according to the case.

For instance: for the name John Peter Michael, the identification of the abstract file will be: <MICHAEL_abstract>; for the file containing the full text, it will be <MICHAEL_article>.

Please submit the file to the e-mail address

Definition and publication of the list of approved papers for communication sessions

Publication of the list of communication sessions approved by the Scientific Board: July 21st, 2008 (expected).

The selection of the papers to compose the communication sessions of the 11th Meeting will be made exclusively through the analysis of the abstracts sent to the Scientific Board in DUE DATES AFOREMENTIONED and ACCORDING TO THE GUIDELINES HEREIN SET FORTH.

The main features to be analyzed by the Scientific Board are:

  1. Connection of the subject-matter with pragmatism or related themes;
  2. Abstract expressiveness of information as to the object and corpus of the proposed analysis, theoretical as well as methodological references/background, and results when applicable.

The list with the selected communications will be released through e-mail.