Did You Read the East?

A teleintervention conceived for the 4th Arte/Cidade edition_ Artecidadezonaleste_ that links an eletronic panel of the city with any computer connected to the Web. You choose an image, send it, using only your browser, and check the result in the webcam.

Drivers who are passing by the panel will see it there.

The electronic panel is situaded at the Radial Leste, a huge highway that connects the East zone to the West zone in SP. Interactive, the teleintervention is a result of an interneconnection of spaces, media and telecommunication systems.

The images that are seen in the pannel, as well as in the web site, actioned by whom is outside and in front his computer, are a series of messages that dialogue with the graffitis of that area.

In this sense, they function as signs that integrate the East zone of São Paulo to the global city, not only by its aesthetics but because of its inserstion in situations of acceleration and entropy.

Everything, however, is always a resulted of an interaction (between the creator and the producing companies of involved interfaces, between the public and the creator and of these with the producers). There is not place here for mere spectators.

The public is called to operate commercial goods, to be the curator or editor of the content generated by the artist. They must place themselves as producers, working with devices of the advertising system and the telecommunications chain.

Did You Read the East? is a bet in the new aesthetic forms and cultural responses framed by digital media, in technological and cultural practices that think that art created for remote communication devices is made by an integration of repertoires.

This is not one more virtual exhibition. It is a teleintervention in the scale of great cities, an operation that deals with entropy and network as layers of the process of creation in the context of the nomadic culture that prevails in urban centers like São Paulo, Los Angeles and Tokyo, among many others.

giselle beiguelman, jan. 2002