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Urban Intervention Group
East Zone (2002)
The City and its Stories (1997)
The City and its Fluxes (1994)
City Without Windows (1994)
São Paulo / East Zone
Interventions in Megacities (1998/9)
Brasmitte (1997)
Teleradio Urbana (1996)

Books and Catalogs

It is all Business, 2002 [pdf]
The War-Machines against the Capture Apparatus, photonovel, 2002 [pdf]
Urban Interventions: Arte/Cidade, Editora SENAC, São Paulo, 2002 (portuguese / english).
Arte/Cidade, catalogs, 1998
Brasmitte, catalog, 1997


The City and its Fluxes, 1995
Urban Interventions, 1998
City Without Windows, 1994
The City and its Fluxes, 1995
The City and its Stories, 1998
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New Project
An Infrastructural system


Arte/Cidade is a project of urban interventions realized in São Paulo, Brazil, since 1994. It seeks interventions that relate to the vast territory of megacities and the global reconfigurations of economy, power and art. It seeks to trigger our perception of situations that no longer reveal themselves solely to visual scrutiny, through interventions that consider the great scales of global and metropolitan restructuring processes.

At a moment when recent urban revitalization politics and established public art schemes are collapsing under the complexity and scale of the new situations, Arte/Cidade proposes to discuss new urban and artistic strategies of interventions in megacities.

The project consists of a new approach toward situations for artistic and urban interventions: extensive urban planning research of the regions, the selection of sites and the development of intervention projects. Strategic alternatives for the city's global restructuring, for decentralized urban politics based on the activation of these areas presenting, the structural complexity and socio-spatial dynamics that characterize the megalopolis.
The project has had four editions:

City Without Windows - It was carried out at an inactive slaughterhouse in the city's southern region, in 1994. The building constitutes a horizon lifted with materials, sediments layered one on top of the other. The interventions here act on the thickness of things.

The City and its Fluxes - It happened at the city center, in three buildings and in the area around, cut by a viaduct. The question here was displacement, the transit between places. Optical devices dealing with flux and changes of scale.

The City and its Stories - It took place, in 1997, along a railway track in the western region: an old railway station and two large and abandoned industrial plants, linked by a train specially adapted for the project. When the city asks itself about its post-industrial future, an investigation on its archaeological modernity. Large scales and fragmented spaces, disconnected from the urban organization of the city.

East Zone - This region, which comprises an area of 10 square kilometers, was the setting for the city's first immigration and industrialization in the beginning of the last century. Lately, new quarters built with modern infrastructures began to emerge. But in the vast intervals proliferate shantytowns, street markets and areas inhabited by the homeless.