Optional subject : Paulo Freire’s Cátedra

Theme: The Influence of Paulo Freire’s Thoughts in the Public School Systems in Brazil

Teacher: Ana Maria Saul

Level: Master Degree and Doctorate - number of credits: 03

Semester: first of 2001 -Day/Time Tuesdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Number of places: 25


Paulo Freire’s Catedra is a privileged space for the development of research and studies on Paulo Freire’s work and its theoretical and practical repercussions in Brazil and abroad.

Founded in the second semester of 1998 by The Catholic University of São Paulo under the direction of the Post Graduate Program in Education and Curriculum, it has been focussing on themes like: "Paulo Freire: Thirty Years of the Pedagogy of the Oppressed", "Paulo Freire: the contemporary pedagogical matrixes , history and process", "Paulo Freire and Educators’ Development : theory and practice" and " Paulo Freire and the Social Movements."

Two books have already been launched from the work of the Cátedra. The book "Paulo Freire and Educators’ Development – multiple Looks" ,organised by Professor Ana maria Saul, was launched last September, during the Congress " A Look at Paulo Freire", at the University of Évora, in Portugal.

The work of the Catedra last semester resulted in the collective creation of a site - informative and interactive space on the Paulo Freire Cátedra. The site’s address is:

This semester the objective is to start research on the influence of Paulo Freire’s thoughts on teaching in the public school systems and to build a data base on the educational practices inspired by Paulo Freire.

The organisation of a new publication with a list of the work produced by participants, and the intention of working collectively on the building and development of projects which will present, as a result , ideas on educators' development following Paulo Freire’s perspectives are proposals the Catedra participants will be involved in this semester.


This semester, the work of the Catedra during fifteen weeks will include reading, discussion of the bibliography, participation in seminars, research and workshops.

Professor Yvonne Khouri will be a constant participant in the works of the Catedra.