Latin American Systemic Functional Linguistics Association



Here you will find information on ALSFAL
and Systemic Functional Linguistics
across Latin America.

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ALSFAL emerged in a meeting held on 10th April 2004 in Mendoza, Argentina, as part of the First Latin American Regional Conference on SFL, where the need and desire were expressed to set up a Latin American Association to bring together linguists and educators from the different countries of the region who work within the SFL theoretical framework.

The goals of the association are:

  1. To bring together Systemic Functional Linguists in Latin America through activities such as organizing meetings, maintaining a web site, circulating a newsletter, and socializing through discussion lists and via any other suitable media.

  2. To encourage the development of Systemic Functional Linguistics, particularly theoretical developments, application and literacy programmes and studies in Spanish, Portuguese and other languages.

  3. To organize courses and projects that will promote and strengthen SFL in Latin America.

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VI ALSFAL Conference Graduate Program in Applied Linguistics, UECE, Ceará, Brazil

October 5-9, 2010.

Abstracts by  August 1, 2010. [More info]